Ghost Hunt at Old South Pittsburg Hospital

One of the locations that Sam and I rented one weekend back in 2011 for some training prior to traveling for Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums was Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee.

DSCN1237The place did not disappoint. This is the only place I know of that runs more like a research facility for serious ghost hunters as opposed to a Friday night free for all that some public ghost hunt events can turn into. You can camp inside the hospital for the entire weekend, and if you bring a cooler with food you won’t even have to leave the building. Don’t forget to look for the car.DSCN1187

My favorite part of the hospital was the third floor, although it was also the place that scared me the most. While sitting in an operating room in the pitch black, I was overcome with the feeling of suffocation. DSCN1178Simultaneously, I felt myself getting angry with Sam for no reason. At the time, I just wanted to get out of the operating room. The next morning, as I reflected upon the previous night’s events, it occurred to me that it was very possible that I was feeling someone’s dying energy.

We had a lot of flashlight activity throughout the hallways. DSCN1201DSCN1209So much so, that even Cindy remarked upon it while she was checking up on us via live video feed from her room.

The hospital is a perfect setting to try out your new equipment and run experiments.  DSCN1194
Gratuitous boiler room shot: DSCN1203
Wish it would have made the book!
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