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Kirkbride Building

The 1876 Kirkbride Building at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital is Coming Down This month

I never got to see the Greystone Kirkbride building in person.This news is so sad and doesn’t even make financial sense! It is such a shame that the government is spending nearly $35 million to demolish a building that private corporations would have saved. It just doesn’t make any sense to me. This is how the State of New Jersey thinks it should manage taxpayers’ funds? Really? Unbelievable!

The Richardson Olmsted Complex

The Richardson Olmsted Complex
The Richardson Olmsted Complex

Formerly known as the Buffalo State Asylum, this site is undergoing renovations to become a boutique hotel, conference center, and visitor’s center. This is one of the few Kirkbride buildings still standing in America, and to have it preserved for reuse is nothing short of a miracle. Frederick Law Olmsted designed the grounds. They have been offering tours, but unfortunately I have not gotten to takeĀ one yet.

The Richardson Olmsted Complex
The Richardson Olmsted Complex

This part of Buffalo is so much fun to me too. Within walking distance you have the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Burchfield Penney Art Center, all the antique, funky shops, coffee shops, restaurants and bars of Elmwood Avenue, and Delaware Park. It’s a great cultural getaway from all the touristy Niagara Falls type stuff.
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