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Pressing Play: A Look Inside My Play Journal (Sedona)

Notes from a Play Journal.

Sedona Airport is the perfect fly-in day trip. You don’t even need car service or to get stuck in the infamous traffic loop to enjoy one of Sedona’s best hikes and restaurants. The Airport Loop trail is in very close walking distance to Red Rock Aviation Services, where you will tie down.

Mesa Grill overlooks the airport and offers the best tableside guacamole you are likely to find anywhere.

I really appreciate a destination that gives you a good taste of a venue without having to leave the premises!

Pressing Play: A Look Inside My Play Journal (Harris Neck Army Airfield, Townsend, GA)

Notes from a Play Journal. There is a secret and very special place to hike and bike near Savannah, Georgia. Harris Neck Army Airfield in Townsend, GA is a nature preserve that provides visitors an opportunity to explore the old runways and taxiways of the abandoned airfield. You may find yourself off the beaten path and stumbling upon one of the old hangars. What happened to the interior roof? Was it a fire?

This is a must-see for any aviation enthusiasts and/or pilots!

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