Before traveling and the official work began on Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums, my co-author (Sam Queen) and I wanted to try out our investigation tactics and equipment a little closer to home. I grew up in Rex, Georgia, and just down the road from my home town sits an 1839 Antebellum home. Growing up, I never heard any ghost stories about the home, but it just always had that “haunted” look to me. You know the feeling. A lot of folks have a certain fixation on a neighborhood spot that “just has to be haunted because it is so old.”

We rented the home for the evening so we could poke around and investigate.

The gorgeous home:

Notice how the atmosphere changes based on twilight setting in:

We could not have picked a better time to investigate as far as the atmosphere of the home. Victorian Mourning Tours are given the entire month of August, and the house is decked out with authentic pieces related to Victorian funerals. Some of the most fascinating exhibits on display were the tear catchers and funeral jewelry!

Throughout our visit, we had full access to the grounds,
including the old schoolhouse.


Nothing strange happened to us until after about three hours, when we made our way down to the parlor.


It was here that we captured an EVP of a man’s voice. He responded to a request to state his name. What did he say? “Buddy Franks.” Maybe, just maybe, we were in contact with a Civil War Soldier.