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Tooele Hospital

Some of My Favorite Photos From Missouri State Pen & Tooele Hospital

Throwback to traveling days for Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums. A sampling of some of my favorite photos!

Missouri State Pen


Tooele Hospital 



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Salt Lake City – Side Trip for Tooele Hospital, Chapter 7

ski lift in summer - Park City, UT
Park City Utah in summer

Summer in Salt Lake City. Park City was just a few miles away, so I jumped at the chance to do something I will probably never do again the rest of my life. That’s see the mountain without snow. I rode a ski lift up Park City’s main lift! Due to time constraints, I did not hike back down, though.

Park City, UT in summer
Park City, UT in summer













Ruth’s Diner is a must, nestled down in the valley and just perfect even if the mountains don’t compete to steal the show.

Ruth's Diner - Salt Lake City, UT
Ruth’s Diner – Salt Lake City, UT

Red Iguana was another great place to eat. This time we were after local Mexican fare, and this joint was just the ticket.

Lastly, before going in for our ghost hunt at Tooele Hospital we explored a nearby ghost town, Ophir. This is a for real abandoned mining car, but I was not allowed anywhere near it. No one ever lets me do anything.

Ophir - Utah ghost town
Ophir – Utah ghost town


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