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Tybee Island

Kicking off a Saturday – Tybee Island, GA

On the way to Tybee Island, there is a great multipurpose trail close to Fort Pulaski. The McQueen Island Rails to Trails park area gives a good six miles worth of exercise options. We took advantage of it early one Saturday and saw more wildlife than people. Once again, I saw a great raccoon that eluded my photography skills. He was waddling (much like me after eating redneck nachos at Wiley’s), and by all accounts appeared to be living quite lavishly out on the island.  This is what the trail looks like to the west of Pulaski.


I hear that the trail used to go on past what is now a witch’s curse sign:


I was going to cross it, but Bob said he didn’t think we should test the witches in the heart of voodoo country. I agreed.

Bicycle parking:


When you get to the end, there is nothing to do. You just rest a minute and breathe and take in the scenery. It’s funny, because, before I lived here I used to think that the salt marshes smelled funny (or even sort of bad). Now I love that smell.


You just stand out here and look at nature and think maybe this is the type of place where maybe the worst thing that could happen is somebody in the Deen family burns dinner or when Comcast lets their cable go out in a storm. This is the type of place where you stand in front of a witch’s curse sign and watch the ships roll out of port.


And you just stand there until they pass you.


They didn’t come out in the picture, but there were several dolphins out there. They were close enough that we could hear them exhaling. I did capture a magnificent turtle and a crab.

IMG_1573[1] IMG_1579[1]

Tybee Island and Wilmington Island. Places for people who don’t really want to have real problems. And I mean that in a good way.

Do What You Want Saturday – Tybee Island

Saturday is officially DO WHAT YOU WANT DAY in my world. November 16, and the weather was so good we had to hit the beach.

Bob took some nice shots of the lighthouse and underneath the pier from his phone.

Tybee Island, GA - Lighthouse
Tybee Island, GA – Lighthouse
Tybee Island, GA - Underneath the Pier
Tybee Island, GA – Underneath the Pier

But what really had me thinking about life was a dollar I pinned to a bar about a year ago. Down what I call cottage shop lane on Tybee Island, Tybee Cottage Shopsyou will find a pizza joint by the name of Huc-A-Poos.

Outside Huc-A-Poos - Tybee Island, GA
Huc-A-Poos – Tybee Island, GA

And inside this joint you will find this little nugget:

Guess what? I still believe it.

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Fort Pulaski National Monument

One of the best things about moving to a new city is that you have the opportunity to be a permanent tourist.

I so enjoyed getting to explore Fort Pulaski. Generally speaking, forts are a lot of fun to poke around in anyway, but this one has several perks. First of all, you must drive across a bridge to reach the fort. Once on site, you get to walk over a drawbridge to enter the fort. Upon entering, you discover that you have the run of the entire place. You will love weaving in and out of the rooms and stumbling upon unexpected bits of history. For instance, the prison area is particularly compelling.

Make sure to check the website to find out when the cannon firings will be held, and if there will be a guided tour that you can take advantage of during your visit. If you ask me, the only thing Fort Pulaski is missing is a ghost tour or a ghost hunt!

Inside Fort Pulaski  - Tybee Island, GA
Inside Fort Pulaski – Tybee Island, GA

There are three shorter nature trails that are offered on site. If you are looking for a more strenuous workout, you should hop on the McQueens Island Rails to Trails. This is a six mile path that winds right between salt marshes and the Savannah River. The road is nothing but gravel now, but where you are walking used to be the railroad tracks that carried train passengers back and forth from Savannah to Tybee Island.

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