Cave Hill Cemetery - Louisville, KY
Cave Hill Cemetery – Louisville, KY

I was looking through the photos I took when visiting Waverly Hills last year. This is a gravestone in the historic Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky. Cave Hill is 160 years old, and might remind southerners of Atlanta’s Oakland or even Savannah’s Bonaventure.

The stone speaks volumes. This is the kind of life I aspire to. This is the legacy that I want to leave behind.

Now, Mr. Adams is not too far from where the great Colonel lies. And yes, I am talking about that delicious chicken (along with the concept of food in a bucket, which is just as equally brilliant, if you ask me).

Further research into the life of Mr. Adams turned up the fact that he was actually the grandson of Colonel Sanders!

I have no idea what the chicken legacy pays to grandchildren, but I do know that Mr. Adams gave money to charity, and that there is a ski run out in Aspen that is named after him (“Village Bound”). It is easy to scoff and remark “Well, I’m sure he did have a great time with all that chicken money and all. But I don’t have any chicken money, how am I supposed to have a great time?”

By pursuing activities that bring you joy. This gives you hope, and will keep you fighting for a better life. Hope, along with a bag of rice and a can of beans will keep you rowing through life’s rough waters. Maybe not everyone winds up at the end with chicken money. But the point is to have fun trying and enjoy the journey along the way. You can’t take it with you, after all. All we have is now. What are you doing with it?