In Beth Dolgner’s Georgia Sprits and Specters, Oatland Island in Savannah, Georgia is mentioned as a haunted hospital. Today, the facility functions as a wildlife center, and there are no current public ghost hunts advertised.

The main building (pictured below) dates from 1927 when it was used as a retirement home for The Brotherhood of Railroad Conductors.DSC_0028

In the 1940s, there was a syphilis crisis and the building was occupied by those suffering from the disease. The patients included children. Ms. Dolgner’s chapter also mentions Oatland being a “development laboratory” for the government agency that preceded the CDC. Shannon Scott created a fantastic film, an excerpt of which can be viewed on his site:

Bob and I began our own personal Oatland exploration by exploring the grounds behind the main building.

View from the dock:DSC_0005

I thought I stepped into a scene of the old TV series Lost, when I stumbled upon this boat:DSC_0002

There is a mysterious building in front of the main building that is off-limits (which means I was dying to access it).DSC_0035



Bob was trying to teach me how to use my new camera, and captured some of Oatland’s current residents.DSC_0054



More mysterious buildings out back:DSC_0172


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