The long weekend last week led me to a stop at an old outlet mall in Savannah, Georgia. As depressing as the center was, there was one hidden gem — The Book Warehouse. The books I chose were all former library books, and were dirt cheap (I think I got all five for under $7.00, which pleases me greatly).

Book Haul - Book WarehouseSo far, I would say I have definitely been getting some bang for my bucks!

I do still use the library (mostly to feel like I’m getting at least some use out of all the taxes I remit), but I have grown more likely to purchase as I age because I find that one of the greatest pleasures is to physically mark the passages I like while I am reading (they frown upon that at the library, by the way, even if you are marking up the very book you wrote, for God’s sake. But hey, I can accept that I just wrote it, and I don’t own rights to mark up everyone else’s copy… I guess.).

For specific purchases, I still prefer to go online via Amazon or and have things delivered to the house, but there is nothing like the treasure hunt of walking around a retail store and finding books. I see it as a treat, and I love seeing every bookstore I can.

The bottom two books pictured above have already been read. They are:  Death Comes to Pemberley; and West of Sunset (a fantastic fictional account of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s last years, while he was working in Hollywood, and penning “The Last Tycoon).”

I have to say, though, that what really makes me nerd out is that 3 out of 5 of these treasures have DECKLE EDGES!

The Deckle Edge
The Deckle Edge

Apparently, the deckle edge dates back to the days when you used to need a knife to read a book.

Maybe one day I will write a book that comes out in hardcover with a secret monogram on the cover (the regal Davis family crest, perhaps) and deckle edges. Maybe it will even be good.