Montana – Beautiful. Livingston, Bozeman, Emigrant, Big Sky. We will see you again soon.

Yellowstone: Apparently, where the dumbest people in the world congregate, to elbow each other while fighting over the opportunity to photograph buffalo alongside the road. It concerned me greatly that we found our way among them. 35 mph for 3 hours. Can we please have this day refunded to our life bank?

Jackson, WY – Grand Tetons and the Snake River. Taggart Lake secluded hike. Beautiful patio dining at Signal Mountain Lodge.

Idaho Falls – a dignified standoffishness. Steak bites with gorgonzola sauce. Greenbelt river walk.

Salt Lake City – the Mormons seem to be doing very well with their cult out here. Butternut squash on a patio. Ruth’s Diner.

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