As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust

I was introduced to the series because of a random walk-in at our local Book Warehouse outlet. The mystery series, starring twelve-year old English heroine Flavia de Luce strikes the right balance between precocious and obnoxious, which is a hard thing to do when writing a child’s character! I particularly enjoyed this seventh book because we got to see Flavia in an entirely new setting (and seemingly alone). Her father and her Aunt Felicity have sent her to Canada to attend Miss Bodycote’s Female Academy, which is the mysterious school that her mother Harriett attended in her own youth.

Things are getting Secret Society good in the land of Flavia de Luce. I will be tuning in for more! It probably isn’t fair to classify this is a guilty pleasure read because that seems to convey that the story/writing lacks substance (which it does not), so maybe “binge-read” is a better term.