Stoker's Manuscript
Stoker’s Manuscript

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Royce Prouty penned this debut in 2013 and was a Bram Stoker Award Nominee for “first novels.” What a fun/scary ride! I love a book about a book, but throw the legendary Dracul family in the mix, and you have me up at night turning pages!

The elements that really worked for me were: the idea that an informer with inside knowledge into the Dracul family/vampire culture was actually giving Bram Stoker notes when he was writing “Dracula;” the idea that there were missing pieces from Stoker’s manuscript that needed to be found; that God created the vampire first before he created man, and after seeing what he did, gave man a soul; and the personalities/dialogue scenes between Radu/Joseph and Vlad/Joseph.

I’m not sure if this is what people call “fan fiction,” but if it is, I’m thinking this is the first piece of fan fiction that I enjoyed. Definitely time and money well spent!