Scenes from Monterey

Eighteen miles of paved bike/walking trails along the coast. Magnificent, but crowded!

Monterey Trees
Monterey Coast

In 1879, an unknown writer (Robert Louis Stevenson) holed up at the French Hotel while waiting for Fanny Osbourne to divorce her first husband so they could get on with their lives.

Robert Louise Stevenson – French Hotel


Scenes from Big Sur

Dear Sur: You are prettier than Montana. We drove you twice just to make sure.

Big Sur
Lunch at Lucia Lodge

Scenes from San Simeon

An Elephant Seal Stifles a Yawn

Elephant Seal Pups:

Scenes from Hearst Castle

Let me put it to you this way, it takes a certain type of asshole to stand in front of you at the very end with his hand out for more donation money after the $50.00 tour, while we are all standing under a ceiling that is plated in 22 carat gold leaf. Just kidding, no one had their hand out. I’m referring to the audio tour guide begging for more donation money as we rode the bus down the hill. Hilariously tacky!

I do have to say that the Roman Pool seems haunted, though. I kept waiting for something to swim up to me. I don’t know what, but I felt like something was brewing underneath that pool. Maybe they buried the bodies down there.


We keep an analog version of all of our travels carefully notated in our “Play” Journal by Stealth Journals. “Play” is an indexed book journal that should be used to record all of your good times! Flashback to the last week of 2016. RCW & JDW in Monterey / Big Sur / Cambria / San Francisco. Using the Play journal log to remember. To dream. A reminder for when we get stuck in a normal/ordinary routine work day. Play journal books are kept as a celebration of our life together. One day when we are old or sick, we can look back fondly upon this legacy of good times that we have built together. Play also serves as a reminder to make the time for these fun moments. Sometimes we can get too busy and bogged down in our daily work activities, and miss all the fun. Make yourself accountable for creating these moments. Build your life.