There are so many great quotes that I wrote in my reading journal from “Making Ideas Happen,” by Scott Belsky. P. 209 warns against the dangers of conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is often wrong. Entrepreneurs have all of the answers? No, says Andrew Weinreich on P. 211: “They’re just the ones willing to jump off a cliff without the answers.” 

I also loved Weinreich’s quote from P. 212 about surviving the start-up life. The key is momentum. “When you stop moving, the music stops.” Yes. Such is life. 

Arguably, the most valuable section of this book for me was reading about Action Steps and how Bob Greenberg, chairman of R/GA performs his morning ritual. He uses good old pens and a notebook to keep himself focused on tasks throughout the day. “I believe if you don’t write it down, it doesn’t register,” Greenberg is quoted on P. 38. That resonated with me so much! 

Greenberg described his practice of moving old items over every morning. This very much describes the principles behind the development of the Work journal, by Stealth Journals! Your best chance at being productive every day at work is dependent upon your ability to identify your priority items every morning before you begin working.