Confessions from the pages of a secret diary journal are pictured above.  

Looking back to last December, when I was reading Tim Ferriss’s “Tools of Titans,” and working the exercise that involved listing your current handicapping beliefs and then replacing them with 2-3 new beliefs. Such a powerful journaling exercise! It is oh so raw to share the handicapping beliefs, but I will. They were: 1. Afraid of cutting a certain project out of my life for fear of how I would replace the income. 2. I don’t know how to run a “real” business. 3. I’m not creative enough. 4. I’m not good enough at networking to be successful. 5. People are only going to want to buy things at such a low cost that it won’t even make sense to be in business. The replacement beliefs are pictured.

Such a raw, powerful exercise from Mr. Ferriss! 

This secret diary journal can be purchased here