Notes from a Reading Journal: “Tribe of Mentors,” by Timothy Ferriss.

One of my biggest takeaways from this book was finding out how many successful people include these three things within their daily schedules: meditation, journaling or keeping lists, and walking.

Part of the inspiration that Tim shares of the why/how this book came to be born was from one of his own morning journaling sessions where he wrote: “What would this look like if it were easy?”

Blurbs I Collected in my Reading Journal Specifically About Journaling/Keeping Lists:

·      Richa Chadha – journals for clarity. Has kept a journal since she was ten.

·      Turia Pitt – keeps a gratitude journal. P. 169: “I don’t weigh in too much on the science behind it, I just know if I do it I feel better. I’m not a believer in quick fixes, but I know it’s a very effective method to instantly change how you’re feeling.”

·      Ed Coan – the list maker. P. 318: “When I travel and I’m on long plane rides, I’ll go through my last two weeks: what I did, what I thought of it, how I can improve it, and what I’m going to do so I don’t make mistakes. Stan Efferding actually taught me how to do that by writing lists.” 

·      Ray Dalio – said that his best under $100 investment was to buy a notepad to jot down ideas as they come to him.

·      Sarah Elizabeth Lewis – said that she is a “sucker” for a good plain, no-lined notebook.

·      Nick Szabo – said that he still gets a great kick and utility out of having a handy piece of paper on which to doodle and jot his latest brain flashes.

·      Mathew Fraser – makes list whenever he’s overwhelmed, and says he’s rarely more than an arm’s reach from a notepad.

·      Whitney Cummings – writes herself a gratitude list every morning regardless of how busy she is.

·      Ben Silbermann – keeps a gratitude journal. P. 499: “If you have a habit of writing things down that you’re grateful for, then some part of your brain is constantly looking for those things, and you feel happier. It’s absurd in its simplicity.”

·      Jim Loehr – P. 529: “The practice of daily journaling has been a remarkable tool in helping me navigate the storms of life and be my best self through it all.” Anything that is quantified and tracked on a regular basis would inevitably show improvement.

·      Robert Rodriguez – keeps himself on task by using two notepads at work. One is for his major “task” that he is trying to do, and the other is for “distractions” that pop into his mind when he is trying to accomplish his main task.