I thought I would have a nice stroll through the squares in historic downtown Savannah this morning, but I got caught in a bit of rain. Luckily, I happened upon Goose Feathers Express Café & Bakery while walking near City Market. Boy, was I glad I found them!

Eggs Benedict-Savannah Style
Eggs Benedict-Savannah Style at Goose Feathers

A cozy spot with a good mix of tourists and locals. They caught me when I was famished, so I thought I better try a little taste of everything. Bob and I ordered two cups of coffee (you get free refills), a fruit cup, eggs benedict-Savannah style, a slice of tomato, onion, basil & avocado quiche, and a starter appetizer of one cream cheese filled croissant. Everything was delicious, and the total bill was right at $20!

Tomato Onion quiche and cream cheese croissant
Tomato, onion quiche and cream cheese croissant at Goose Feathers

It has been entirely too long since I enjoyed the pleasures of a fresh croissant. The last one I had was about nine months ago on a flight out to Phoenix. It was cold and all I had was one of those little pats of butter to try to rub on it, but I did it anyway because it was, after all, still a croissant (you know how it is).

These croissants were made of nothing but flaky deliciousness, and I fully suspect that we will be there next Sunday morning to try out some more croissants. I think it would only be fair to try the plain butter one, the spinach & feta filled one, and the ham & swiss croissant. How am I supposed to know what the best one is if I don’t have all of them?!

What a great spontaneous breakfast this morning. You never know what the day will bring.