I saw a job ad a few weeks ago that got my blood boiling so hot that I almost emailed the guy and told him just how big of an idiot he is. He wanted someone who could multitask, withstand several interruptions throughout the day, and constantly shift to ever-changing priorities. The guy was a lawyer (of course).

I wanted to just ask him why he even thought he needed an employee in the first place. Obviously, the employee was going to be completely inefficient and unproductive. Maybe the guy should just get a giant stuffed animal to sit in the desk so he can yell at it and throw chairs around without getting sued for creating a hostile work environment.

I cannot stand these employers who think they are getting tasks done by throwing a bunch of nonsense in the laps of their employees to “deal with,” and then changing their minds after two hours have passed in order to shift focus to the next meaningless urgent project.

I am right, too, I might add. Just yesterday there was an article in Health Magazine entitled “Give Your Brain a Break.” Cara Birnbaum reported a 2010 Harvard University Study which showed that those who single-task and focus on the moment are happier and more productive than those who believe they are multitasking.

Multitasking is what idiots do. They sit in their offices and they answer the telephone and try to read emails and put reports together at the same time. What is the result? No memory of the points of the telephone conversation, an important email that comes back to bite them later because they failed to comprehend it the first time around, and broken sentences and missing words in the report. Why? Because the language centers in your brain can only process one language-based task at a time. A multitasking example that is possible would be talking on the phone while you eat your lunch. Forget the rudeness factor, we are just outlining possibilities here.

Multitasking is complete lunacy. Sure, these people may appear busy. But they are doing nothing except putting on a show. They are not multitasking, they are serial tasking like a bunch of animals at the zoo. Squirrel!

When I go to a new place of business I like to find the person who is sitting quietly working. This is the brains of the operation. The planner, the one with focus, this is the person who knows what is going on. Probably, they use a work journal like the one that can be purchased from Stealth Journals. I like to stay far away from the monkey house.

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