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Horror Novel Reviews


Written by: Drake Morgan

This is a non-fiction work focusing on a number of locations with very dark histories. Jamie Davis takes us inside insane asylums, prisons, hospitals, and schools known for their rather sinister occupants and eerie pasts. These abandoned locales have decayed, but the specter of what they were remains in the corridors, peeling paint, and shadows around every corner.

Davis and his paranormal investigator friend Sam Queen gave each location a thorough going-over. They brought in the latest equipment to test for sound, vibrations, temperature, and the other elements associated with hauntings. Each chapter is dedicated to a single location. Davis does an excellent job of giving us a history without delving too far into trivial details. Pictures bring these dark places to life as well. Real-life accounts compliment the images and we begin to feel the shadows taking shape as we explore alongside Davis and his…

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